Our Company


Wilderness USA is a vegetation control company that employs state-of-the-art technology to help our customers better their world in multiple, meaningful ways:

  • Increased reliability, effectiveness, and control
    • Rate control: all units have spray controllers that adjust application rates based on speed to ensure even distribution
    • Mix control: operators are able to adjust prescriptions from the cab to ensure the right product is applied to target weeds
    • Cost control: no over or under spraying, offering more effective control while providing environmental stewardship
  • Reduced risk and liability
    • Every drop counts: all spray data is recorded in a geo-spatial database file
    • Precise tracking: we provide daily production reports for budgetary and project tracking, while giving you all the data needed today and in the future for compliance reporting
  • Increased trust and satisfaction
    • A skilled and experienced team that works safely every day: with zero lost time injuries for over eight years
    • Values-based organization:  we’re in business to serve you, our customer, in a transparent and ethical way

Our vegetation management and control programs are based on client-specific needs, cost-effective treatments, and environmentally sound practices.