Allocating Taxpayer Dollars Wisely

When it comes to Departments of Transportation, Wilderness USA offers a safe, responsible approach to highway and byway vegetation management efforts across the US. With our state-of-the-art technology and one-of-a-kind application methodology, our system automatically adjusts the amount of roadside spray applied based on the speed of our trucks. This allows Wilderness drivers to maintain lower speeds (as slow as 15 miles per hour) while increasing overall safety for the general public and our people.

In addition, we employ a trustworthy team of fully licensed, professional applicators who have passed all state and provincial exams.


  • Are environmentally responsible

Only spray the exact mix required
Utilize GPS-based mapping products to track where every drop is sprayed
Provide you with real-time information for reporting and regulatory compliance

  • Offer cost-effective, precise rate application

No “over application” to cut waste
No “under application” for better results

  • Staff our team with honest management 

And experienced brush and ballast crews

  • Submit documented project plans for your approval

Develop project-specific plans for your annual treatments
Allocate the necessary resources
Provide timelines that can be tracked

  • Plan treatments for the active-growing brush season 

Ensure better control of target species
Select product mixes that promote compatible vegetation

With Wilderness exceeding your vegetation management requirements, you can better serve taxpayers by keeping your vegetation managed at a fair price. It’s a win-win situation.

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Our roadside vegetation management services include:

• Roadside and median weed control
• Brush control
• Hazard tree removal
• Herbicide application
• Mechanical brush clearing
• Mowing
• Mulching
• GPS/GIS services
• Consulting

For information on a cost-effective, roadside vegetation management program that will suit your needs, please contact Wilderness USA at 585-436-3208.

Wilderness would love to work with you.

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