GIS/GPS Services

Wilderness USA is an established consulting firm providing computerized mapping services and resource analysis to government, private, public and non-profit organizations including forest and mining industries.

Integrating traditional tasks with new technology allows us to increase productivity and efficiency while reducing costs for our customers. Our staff brings extensive experience and practical knowledge in geographic information systems (GIS) and accurate global positioning system (GPS) data collection services.

Our goal is to build long-term relationships by providing effective and achievable solutions to our customers.

Our company has pioneered the use of GPS technology to layout harvesting blocks for forestry companies in the US. Wilderness uses top-of-the-line GPS equipment to achieve excellent sub-meter accuracy including GPS units capable of achieving 20 cm accuracy. We also provide high quality digital and hard copy maps for our customers.


  • GIS Services
  • Database Development & Management
  • Data Collection & Location
  • Accurate GPS
  • Data Automation
  • Map Production
  • Forest Management Planning
  • Surveying
  • Forest Resource Inventory
  • Municipal Applications
  • Training


Forest Industry

  • Automated silviculture data
  • Provide all GIS services for Forest Management Plans
  • Digital depletion updates
  • Survey road systems with GPS
  • Visibility analysis on tourism lakes
  • Map production including mill property maps
  • GPS harvest block/road layout
  • Aerial free-to-grow surveys and associated data entry
  • LEAP analysis data preparation
  • Forest Resource Inventory ownership layer
  • GPS location work
  • Township layout
  • Visibility analysis on 22 remote tourism lakes
  • Automate annotation layers

Tourism Industry

  • Timber volume analysis utilizing ArcInfo TIN software on a remote tourism lake

Mining Industry

  • Produced accurate GPS maps of line cutting grid and stations
  • Produce spreadsheets with all GPS X,Y,Z coordinates of stations
  • Automate historical mining maps
  • Produce field maps for drilling operations
  • Produce poster maps for trade show presentations
  • Analysis with Ontario Geological Map products (digital)
  • Generate one-foot contour maps for mine decommissioning project
  • Map production of area maps
  • Staking claims
  • Line cutting
  • GPS location of drill hole collars
  • Provide cooking services in remote location
  • Provide equipment and labor to assist with navigation and help with soil pits and other geology operations

Ministry of Natural Resources

  • NRVIS (Natural Resources Values Information System) – Automation of analogue values data
  • Fire Mapping – Survey wildfire perimeter with GPS and produce analogue and digital outputs with GIS software
  • Native Values Mapping – Digitize traditional hunting and gathering sites
  • Forest Resource Inventory
  • Automate Historical Forest Resource Inventory; update current Forest Resource Inventory


  • Township of Michipicoten
    • Map products for annexation exercise
    • Digital map production for website application (BDC)
  • NITGC Project
    • Development of a multi-community GIS system to serve Wawa, Chapleau, White River, Hornepayne, and Dubreuilville
    • Data capture of waste water, storm and water infrastructure for the communities served
    • Collect GPS ground control points to orthorectify aerial photography
    • Produce metadata
    • Provide post-project IT/GIS technical support
  • EAGI Project
    • Development of a multi-community GIS system to serve the communities of Blind River, Township of North Shores, Municipality of Huron Shores, Town of Spanish and the Algoma Health Unit
    • Data capture of waste water, storm and water infrastructure for communities served
    • Collect GPS ground control points to orthorectify aerial photography
    • Data capture of tourism/recreation, building footprints, and transportation (e.g., street center lines and railway)
    • Provide GPS and web GIS training for communities served
    • Produce metadata
    • Correct provincial parcel fabrics layer to orthophotography


• Data Collection
• Asset Survey
• Accurate GPS Layout
• Accurate GPS Road Location and Layout for Construction

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