Utility Line Clearing

Wilderness has a team of utility arborists with years of experience and training, working within a safe distance, to carefully prune and remove trees along distribution and transmission circuits. We utilize both manual and aerial lift crews depending on line locations as well as crews who handle mowing, trimming and herbicide spraying.

We have the necessary equipment within our fleet to meet demands and ensure optimal safety for our crews, our clients and their customers.

We provide professional, cost-effective line clearance services to utilities and municipalities, assisting in establishing and maintaining  right-of-way clearing cycles while focusing on quality control.  Our established programs provide long-lasting results.

Wilderness employees receive ongoing training in safety, proper pruning and felling techniques, productivity and customer relations.


Herbicide Vegetation Control

With modern products and state-of-the-art techniques, Wilderness can provide and implement a cost-efficient and effective herbicide control program. Using Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) techniques, we can remove undesirable vegetation and maintain compatible species within the right of way (ROW).

Mechanical Brushing

For non-chemical vegetation control within a ROW, Wilderness offers manual brush saw and chainsaw vegetation removal which provides immediate results. Also available are heavy equipment mowers for large, dense, land reclamation projects.


Application Techniques

• High Volume Spray
• Low Volume Spray
• Basal Applications

For information on utility right-of-way vegetation management programs that produce great results, please contact Wilderness USA at 585-436-3208. 

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