Vegetation Management

Wilderness USA is a full-service contractor, supplying vegetation management and pest control to municipal, provincial, state and federal agencies as well as private industries including utility, pipeline and rail across the US.

Wilderness is prepared to handle all types of projects.  Our company specializes in handling the following projects:

  • Right-of-Way Vegetation Management
  • Roadside/DOT Vegetation Control
  • Railroad Vegetation Control
  • Expert Tree Maintenance Services
  • Industrial Vegetation Management

Wilderness applicators participate in ongoing, intensive training programs which provide the knowledge and skills necessary to implement safe and effective treatments across a broad spectrum of industry settings.


• Licensed Herbicide Applicators
• Licensed Herbicide Technician

As a vegetation management solution provider, Wilderness has the knowledge, experience and abilities to provide our customers with cost-effective, efficient vegetation control programs.

Working closely with our customers, we are able to design and implement programs to control undesirable vegetation in a variety of industrial locations. Our number one goal is to develop long-lasting relationships. These relationships allow us to create programs that are appropriate to the expectations and needs of each individual organization.

Our vegetation control programs are based on client-specific needs, cost-effective treatments and environmentally sound practices.


For information on a cost-effective vegetation management program that will suit your needs, please contact Wilderness USA at 585-436-3208.

Wilderness would love to work with you.

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