GIS/GPS Technology

At Wilderness USA, we are relentlessly applying software tools and technology to drive a paradigm shift in vegetation management operations to create unmatched levels of information access, budget management, productivity and ROW maintenance.


In conjunction with an Esri-based partner, Wilderness has developed a customized vegetation management software to collect, upload, and store map-based spray data to help our clients maintain better records of herbicide treatments, based on our railway and roadside vegetation management contracts. This enables companies to plan and implement vegetation control programs for targeted, cost-effective right-of-way maintenance:

  • Data collection and maintenance
  • Archival of past vegetation control and clearing programs
  • Productivity tools for the creation and management of digitized information
  • Vegetation characteristics, clearing activities, and brush control along rights-of-way
  • Automated cycle management for work tasks and patrols
  • Reporting and analysis tools

As herbicide treatments take place, Wilderness records the data using the on/off switches on our spray equipment modified with GPS capabilities. This data is then uploaded into a GIS database that maps what is being applied. By maintaining an accurate history of the precise locations of herbicide application and the exact mix used and volume applied, the data can be analyzed to determine future treatments and:

  • Ensure compliance
  • Provide easy access to real-time regulatory reporting
  • Streamline operations and minimize reliance on paper-based processes
  • Deliver stronger, geospatial analytics and data-driven decisions
  • Heighten your environmental stewardship (i.e., the right chemical for the right environment)
  • Create a positive story of greater fiscal and environmental responsibility (i.e., less is better)

And because the software was built on the Esri platform, the data that Wilderness provides to you conforms to industry standards that many organizations are adhering to today and can be integrated/leveraged across your many platforms.

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