Spray Technology

Precise Rate Control


The top-of-the-line Wilderness spray technology system allows operators in the cab to adjust mixes instantly to ensure the right product selection for the targeted noxious weeds and invasive species (e.g., Johnson grass, Alligatorweed, Kudzu).

Wilderness USA employs a main water tank with three separate herbicide tanks. Depending on the mix of target weeds in the area, the operator can deploy up to three different herbicides and adjust the mix accordingly. If spraying for a single target weed, the operator can place the same herbicide in each tank and transfer product between tanks.

Simply better technology from Wilderness allows us to spray the right product at the right place—with no over or under spraying. By using GPS and radar-based controls, our system automatically adjusts sprayer output with every change in speed. If you’ve specified 35 gallons of herbicide per mile, you will receive 35 gallons of herbicide per mile, no more and no less. And with our ability to capture and store every element of spray data, you’ll be able to track every drop through our data dashboard reporting system.

When properly prescribed and applied, the Wilderness system can save you millions of dollars and significantly reduce environmental footprint.


You have complete ability to:

  • Fill tanks from the ground
  • Auto-flush tanks between mixes
  • Select the right herbicides needed for each job
  • Adjust mixes from truck cab
  • Set sprayers to automatically adjust the output of the spray based on current speed
  • Change nozzles to extend beyond the standard reach

These features minimize the risk of errors for you and to our operators.

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